The agricultural education is within the capability of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Food-processing industry and the Forest. He groups the agricultural technical education and the agricultural higher education. The agricultural technical education implements five missions defined by the rural code of the sea fishing:

  • Assure an initial and continuous general, technological and professional training.
  • Contribute to the school, social and professional insertion of the young people, as in that of the adults.
  • Participate in the animation and in the development of territories.
  • Contribute to the activities of development, experiment and agricultural innovation and food-processing.
  • Participate in the actions of international cooperation, in particular by favoring exchanges and reception of pupils, apprentices, students, trainees and teachers.

We bring our know-how and expertises to schools, high schools, middle schools, training centers and local and territorial collectivities.

Endowed with agricultural engineers, with experimented researchers and in association with diplomatic and UN institutions, DOOKE Green has for vision to implement its project called SMART VILLAGE integrating educational programs into eco-citizenship and promotion of a change of behavior to leave to the future generations, the more green and healthy world.

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