sustainable development

A sustainable development "which meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to answer to theirs" is essential. To reach there, all the actors of society have to work hand in hand: companies, public authorities and civil society.

The sustainable development is the notion which defines the need for transition and for change which needs our planet and his inhabitants to live in a fairer, healthy world and by respecting the environment.

While we knew since a few decades an unprecedented evolution, we have to learn today to reconcile economic and social progress without putting in danger the natural balance of the planet.

When the needs of humanity exceed the capacities of the earth, ecosystems and natural resources are not any more capable of regenerating completely, leading to their degradation, rarefaction, even disappearance. Therefore, humanity draws from reserves which will not be available any more for future generations.

Sustainable development is the affair of all. DOOKE GREEN (sustainable development) proposes services such as :

  • The installation and the exploitation of photovoltaic solutions
  • The installation and the exploitation of wind solutions
  • The collection, the treatment and the appreciation of waste and pluvial water
  • The collection, the storage, the sorting and the valuation of every types of waste
  • The engineering and the energy audit, the solutions of energy performances
  • The engineering and the research in the little energy-consuming hybrid solutions

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