DOOKE GREEN was created with main objective not only to revalue our lands and restore its respectability in agriculture but, also to promote the change of habits for food-processing consumption for a more green and more healthy planet.

We make it a point of honor on the environmental protection, by setting up working procedures which can favor the production of holy products for the consumption and protect the natural ecosystems of our exploitations.

A food perspective is a main objective of sustainable and environment-friendly agriculture. The responsibility of all participants to food-processing system, including the farmers, the breeders, the workers, the decision-makers, the researchers, the storekeepers and the consumers is involved there.

The actors of agricultural and food-processing world have to agree on objectives for agriculture and rural areas. It is a prerequisite to develop policies and strategies which allow to improve the sustainable character of agriculture.

DOOKE GREEN’s department contains 4 main domains:

  • Sustainable development
  • Agriculture
  • Research
  • Education

Contact Us

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    Address: 60 Allée des Champs Elysées 91080 Courcouronnes
  • Côte d'Ivoire: (+225) 21 36 10 37
    Address: BP 176 cedex 5 Abidjan
  • Cameroun: (+237) 243 85 95 94
    Address: BP: 8079 Douala - Cameroun
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